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Investment Atlanta is a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization. It's mission is to help youth achieve their full potential. Working within schools, families and community organizations; IA's goal is to lead youth to successful thinking. Instilling positive core values, developing strong leadership qualities and providing educational and sports enrichment activities that will enhance not only their personal lives but their communities as well.

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Building Leaders
For Investment Atlanta, Inc. This year marks a new beginning. We devised a strategic planning process that defines our mission geared toward innovative youth development initiatives creating specific program areas that will transition our goals. Investment Atlanta Youth Development Programs are an effective way to bring together all of the resources of community members of Atlanta to address the issues we all care about – the lives of our youth! Our socioeconomic conditions and human service issues are too complex for any individual, group or institution to face alone. Our community investment programs are just some of the ways Investment Atlanta works with other community stakeholders in making the greatest impact possible for the next generation of Youth.
IA Capital Campaign - A Case For Support...Our Capital Campaign raises funds for the IA Center for Youth Leadership Development to help young people achieve their full potential for academic, social and economic sucess! Click here to learn more. <e-mail us
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